General Questions

Q. Why do you need to see my Fishing License and take down my information?

It is a new NH State law that all guides must record their client information. If I don't do it and a game warden asks to see it, I can be in big trouble.

Q. What do we do in bad weather?

If the weather is, or looks like it may get dangerous we will not go out. Unfortunately, sometimes this call has to be made at the very last minute. Extreme winds, lightning, hail, or other adverse conditions are just too dangerous to fish in. If both our schedules allow we will just have to put it off for another day. You will not be charged if we have to call off for bad weather and any deposit you paid will be happily returned. As for rain, it depends on how hard it's raining or how long it's supposed to last. Fishing in a heavy downpour isn't much fun, but drizzle or light rain doesn't usually present much of a problem. If it rains while we are fishing we can discuss our options then.

Q. Can I keep the fish I catch, and will you clean them for me?

Yes, you can keep fish. The size of the fish and number allowed to be kept will depend on where we are fishing since different rules apply to different water bodies. Upon request, I will clean your fish for you to a point. I will gut them and remove entrails, but the law states I cannot remove the head and tail. The full length of the fish must be kept intact until it's time to cook them - that way you can prove they are of legal length should a game warden ask to see them. It is illegal for me to fillet them for you.

Q. I noticed in your pricing a "Half & Half", what is that?

A Half & Half is an afternoon half day trip, followed the very next day by a morning half day trip. You get two half day trips, but only pay the full day rate. This way, you get to fish two days and only have to spend one night on lodging costs. It's an alternative designed to save you a few bucks and help me sell another half day of guide service.

Trolling Questions

Q. When going trolling what do I need to bring?

A current and valid NH Fishing License is a must. I provide all tackle, lures, bait, and everything else you need to catch fish. For your comfort a hat, sunglasses, camera, proper footwear (no bare feet allowed), warm clothing and rain gear. I can't stress the warm clothing thing enough. On shore, it may be sunny and 70 degrees, but when you get on the water there can be a big difference. When the water temps are in the 40's to the 60's, the wind picks up and absorbs that cool water temperature. If you are underdressed, you will be cold and uncomfortable.

Q. Should I bring any food with me?

Yes, it's probably a good idea. Chances are you will get a bit hungry after several hours on the water. I usually have soft drinks and water on board that I provide free of charge.

Q. Do you allow the use of alcohol on your boat?

Yes, I do not mind if you have a couple of beers or drinks, but that is where I draw the line. I cannot allow anyone to get near the point of having "one too many". If I think you have had too much, we go in - plain and simple.

Q. Can I smoke cigarettes, cigars or use chewing tobacco on the boat?

Yes, that is not a problem. I only ask that if you smoke filtered cigarettes that you fieldstrip them. Please do not throw filters in the water. I will have a can or trash bag on board where you can discard them.

Q. Can I bring children with me on the boat?

Yes, so long as they are at least 10 years old. My insurance company does not allow me to have young children under 10 or infants on board my boat. Please warn adolescent children before we go that no horseplay will be tolerated. Pushing, shoving, throwing things, etc. is a sure way to get a quick trip back to shore.

Q. Do I need experience for trolling?

No - Anyone can do this from beginners who have never held a fishing rod before to experienced anglers.

Q. Is there a head on your boat, or a place for cover?

Sorry, there is no head on my boat. If nature calls, I can run you back to shore for a quick pit stop. There is no top or cover on my boat - it is open to the elements so when it rains, you will get wet and when the sun is high, you will be in full sun. Raingear is usually a good item to bring in case there is chop on the water. While not an overly wet ride, hitting waves when they get a certain height can draw some splash over the bow.

Q. Is seasickness ever an issue?

Not usually. Generally the ride is pretty smooth with very little or no rocking. The stiffer the wind, the higher the waves will be. If the wind is that high that waves really kick up, we will head in or not go out in that sort of weather in the first place.

Q. Can I book just a Half Day trolling charter in Pittsburg?

Sorry, no. Since I live and keep my boat in the Lakes Region, Half Day trolling charters are limited to Lakes Winnisquam, Winnipesaukee, Webster, and Opechee. Since I need to trailer my boat to Pittsburg, only Full Day charters or Half & Half charters are available in Pittsburg.

Fly Fishing Questions

Q. When going Fly Fishing, what do I need to bring?

A current and valid NH Fishing License is a must. You can bring your own fly rod and reel set up if you are more comfortable using your own equipment, or you can borrow mine. I will have mine with me regardless so it will be there if you need it. If we are wading you need to have your own chest waders with wading shoes. Hip waders do not provide enough freeboard for wading where we will be fishing.

Q. Do I need waders in the summertime?

Not really, by around the 4th of July the water gets pretty warm. I am usually wet wading by that time. A pair of swim trunks and a good pair of wading shoes and you will be comfortable.

Q. I have no experience Fly Fishing can I still go?

I strongly suggest that you take a lesson first. The best case scenario is if you take this lesson at home before you go on vacation and have a little time to practice your casting in your back yard before your trip. If your schedule allows, my associate Stephen Rock is a certified fly fishing and casting instructor. You might think about booking a half day lesson with him before I take you fishing. You will enjoy the experience so much more.

Q. Do you charge for use of your flies?

No. While I understand that Western guides typically do charge for flies, it is not considered the norm in the Northeast. I tie 95% of the flies in my box and they are there for my clients use. Even if a few get caught in a tree, that's part of the deal with fly fishing and we both know that going in.

Q. Can I bring a third person along, and is there an extra cost?

It depends on the expertise of the group. If your group consists of three experienced fly fishers who need little personal attention then yes, a third can come along. There is a $50 charge for the third person. However, if your group is less experienced, I cannot effectively service three clients at a time by myself. If you must all be together, I can arrange to have another guide with us and the cost would then be double the normal rate.

Q. Do you provide lunch when fly fishing?

Because while fly fishing we will be in more or less remote areas where there are no stores I do provide a streamside lunch. This is limited to Full Day guided trips only. Lunch will consist of a cold cut sandwich, granola bar, bag of chips, and soda. There is no charge for this lunch. I do not provide streamside lunch for half day trips.

Pittsburg Camp Questions

Q. About your camp in Pittsburg, how many can it sleep?

Since I need a place to stay too, there is room for me and up to three guests. There is a room with a full bed, a room with bunk beds, and a fold out couch in the living room (I will take the fold out couch). Remember these are stripped beds. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and a towel.

Q. What kind of amenities can I expect at the camp?

There is a gas heater, electricity, and hot & cold running water with a shower, bathroom basin and kitchen sink. Sorry, but there is no toilet - there is an outhouse a quick walk across the yard. At the camp, there is a TV set and DVD player. There is no regular TV reception. We do not have a telephone at camp, but there is a store a short drive away that has a payphone. As for cell phones, forget it. After you have passed through the town of Lancaster on your drive up to Pittsburg, you will lose your cell service for good.

Q. Can we eat in or are there places to eat out?

If you wish to bring your own food and cook at the camp you are welcome to do that. There is a refrigerator, a gas oven, microwave, coffee maker, etc., and plenty of pots, pans and dishes. Whatever you dirty up you are expected to wash. If you want to go out to eat, there are a few restaurants with bars within a short drive at reasonable expense.

Q. Do you include any meals at camp?

I do offer a "continental" breakfast which is included in the price. I will have a pot of coffee on each morning and probably something like store bought donuts, or coffee cake. I will also have a bottle of milk and cereal too. We need to hit the water early to take advantage of the best fishing, so morning is no time to linger.

Q. What is the cost to stay at camp?

The cost is $75 per night, no matter how many people are staying in your party (1, 2, or 3). This is a wilderness camp with only basic comforts. The reason I offer this camp is that it is a very cheep alternative to staying elsewhere, thereby saving you a few bucks and helping me sell my guide services. There are quite a few reasonably priced places to stay in Pittsburg so you have other options. If you want clean sheets everyday, telephone, TV at night and little soaps and shampoos in the bath this is
not the place for you. I do not rent out this camp without guided fishing service. If you want to stay at a more civilized lodging spot, let me know and I'll be happy to recommend some places for you.